Đầu ghi camera 16 kênh VP-1664ATC

– All in One Digital Recorder: HDTVI (1080N) AHD (1080N) HDCVI (1080N) IP (1080P) ANALOG (960H)
– Connect with TVI, AHD, CVI, IP and Analog Camera
– All Channel 1080N recording
– H.264 dual-stream encoding
– VGA/ HDMI simultaneous video output
– Support Audio input/output: 1/1 port
– Support Domain Name free(VANTECH DNS and P2P key optional)
– Support Push Video
– Support 1 SATA HDD, HDD capacity up to 6TB
– Support Web, Smart Phone, Laptop & PC
– Intelligent search and playback
– User friendly interface, easy setup and use

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